NAI Miami Property Management Newest 400,000 SF Project

Updated: Jan 6

As of June 1, 2019 the NAI Miami Property Management team took over their newest project at Palmetto West Park Condominium Association in Doral.

With over 400,000 SF and 150 office/industrial condominium units this project will be going through numerous upgrades:

· Security Cameras- first phase has been installed, second phase in the works

· Gated Entrances- process of doing this

· Parking Enforcement- will be completed for park by Sept. 10

· Landscaping- working to get new landscape design on the park

· Curbing- repair curbs with be repaired, parking lot restriped, stops repainted.

· Painting of buildings

· Lighting- new lights will be for the parking and exterior of building, will be installing energy efficient lights

· Signage- new modern signage will be installed, traffic signs will be placed, redesign of the mailbox area, and redesign of median.

· Roof project for Phase I

Palmetto West Park Condominium Association is made up of 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 - Industrial Space

  • Phase 2 - Flex Space

  • Phase 3 - Office Building

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